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game is good and good and is also good btw

wow this game is brilliant. I’m can’t beat playing some spongebob horror. I just wish there was more. The disappoint  of running into a room to find your friend Patrick has gone. Well made great idea DEV only wish there was more 😁

Sponge is good

is itch corp trustable

funny game i love it

i loved the game 

I like calling him sponge :) 8.8/10

thank you

Thanks for this game enjoy it !


literally unplayable input lag, sad as i wanted to cap spongebob in the skull


It's laggy

so many jumpscares AaAaaAaaAAaAAAAAAaaaaa


Nice man! BR 🇧🇷

Genial el juego!!

Man this game got real dark quick. I don't know if I will every be the same after this game. 10/10 would play agin.


I almost pee pee my pants but love this game!

I did a thing

WEE WOO!!! Always love a great spongebob game! Actually got a good jumpscare in there. Can't wait for more! 

Another scuffed youtube video in comment section. 

For real tho, the game was scary, fun to play and entertaining. That's all that matters to me, so... good job!

Not bad. Its really good and the gameplay is smooth!

I need more!! loved this 9/10 


why can't the cop crawl his fat ass under the stupid fucking gap in the boards...gah damn....

Good story) 

This must be the best thing I witnessed hands down

just what i needed i knew the sponge will get crazy at some point of his life. kinda sad how it turned out tbh 

well my childhood is gone

amazing game love this horror fact of spongebob kinda puts a real exe of it 10/10 for me i definitely play it again :D

The game is extremely cool, I managed to make the two endings quickly (and terrible lol). This spongebob ruined my childhood lol

Anyway, congrats on the game :)

Gameplay PT-BR

im ever think : '' sponged bob have some obscure inside...

Not Going To Lie I Really Enjoyed This Game I Would Love To See More Added One Day I Would Give It A 10/10

Short, but great fun! :) 

Great Game! Thank You Devs! 


spongebob got the best fandom

the fandom:


Gameplay en español

Na that jumpscare got me wth... Thankyou triple dev

for making such a fun game to play!

Game was awesome! Love to see my child hood characters becoming murdering psychopaths LMAO

This game was bizarre, creepy, and darkly comical. Well done! 

This game was crazy! I'll never look at SpongeBob the same again...

Im not able to open the file

badpc like me :D

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